Founder And CEO

Timothy Safari

"Your Preferred Office Services Support Partner"

Mwisaf Limited is a well established firm providing high quality services to our clientele. We aim to enhance value for our clients by adopting a delivery strategy which puts ourselves in our client's shoes.

By working in partnership with our clients, we are able to understand their specific needs and deliver maximum value.

We pride ourselves in having both a management team and an operating system that is professional and which transcends to more value and quality to our clients.

Our offices are located along temple road at Gatkim Complex in Nairobi and deals in various goods and services oriented towards enhancing quality service delivery, efficiency and cost effectiveness for complete customer satisfaction.

Mwisaf Limited provides a wide range of office support services tailored to cater to the office needs of our clients. Mwisaf Limited is established and run by a professional team geared towards excellence in the services we provide. We continuously work towards enhancing business capabilities by providing quality office support services

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We offer the following products & Services:-



Offset/Digital printing services of

  1. Office Stationery
  2. Letter heads
  3. Business Cards
  4. Complimentary Slips
  5. Staff/Job Identity Cards
  6. Office labeled Envelopes
  7. Receipt, Invoice & Delivery books
  8. School Text books
  9. School Exams


Heat Transfer Printing

Screen Printing


Binding Services

  1. Book Binding
  2. Velo Binding
  3. Wire Binding
  4. Tape Binding of:
    1. Journals
    2. Magazines
    3. News Papers
    4. Files/Projects

General Office Supplies:

  1. Stationary and electronic supplies


Our work never fails to leave a lasting positive impression. We strongly believe in the maxim that keeping our existing clients happy is our best strategy. Our client base has grown tremendousy over the years, and covers among others:

Equity Bank

Family Bank


Univeristy Of Nairobi

Co-op Bank


Catholic University of East Africa

Care International